Unlock your brands' potential

Tap into the next generation shopping experience powered by shoppers.

Drive discovery and awareness. Access a segment of new shoppers who are highly engaged and looking for authentic relationship with their favourite brands.


For Direct to Consumer Brands

Increase user engagement and product sales

Increase overall engagement with shoppers and reviewers, by responding to comments, analyzing user reviews, hosting live shopping shows and innovative campaigns. An engaged social community can have a huge impact on a brand’s awareness and growth, and directly result in sales through access to a whole new set of customers.


Partner with us and our community of shoppers & reviewers

Content analytics

Track the performance of content related to your brand to know which products are popular and being talked about and the customer sentiment.

Drive brand awareness

Access to 1000s of shoppers and creators who are passionate customers and advocates

New product launch

Target specific users and creators to test new products and create a buzz of user generated content and reach interested buyers.

Target brand campaigns

Ability to run data driven highly effective brand building and performance campaigns.

Get review for website

Easily source and add your brand's product reviews to your own website or app to increase conversion rates & sales revenue

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